OmniChannelBASE is an innovative new multi-channel database from the leader in database marketing—MeritDirect. It brings together robust and responsive market-leading data from prestigious publishers, catalogers, online merchants and other leading direct marketers in one marketer-friendly database. The database offers marketers an enormous reach covering all areas of business—while maintaining rich data selects that allow you to target your audience.

Your direct connection to the leading markets:

• Construction• Female Professionals
• Finance• Government
• Human Resources• Information Technology
• Manufacturing• Sales & Marketing
• Senior Management• Small Business
• Wholesale & Retail

Reaching key decision-makers and influencers:

• C-Level Management• Senior Management
• Middle Management• Financial, Accounting
• HR, Benefits, Training• IT Management
• Operations• Facility Management
• Research & Development• Sales & Marketing
• Management

Quality, market-leading source data:

• Magazine subscriber files
• Catalog buyers
• Online buyers
• And more…

Scalable to meet your needs:

• Broad-based selections
• Niche selections

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