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Frank Willey - MeritDirect Employee

Frank Willey

Senior Vice President | Data, Digital + OmniChannel Solutions

Frank has over 20 years of demonstrated success in building organizations; providing strategic direction to establish brand identity and positioning them for long term sustainable growth.

Prior to joining Merit Direct as VP Client Services, Frank served as President of Asset Management at Oceanos, an innovative data management and research firm. Since joining MeritDirect, Frank has led the initiative to transform the company away from the traditional “broker” model to a research based management firm built to provide industry leading solutions in cooperation with its client/partner network.

Frank continues to drive a clear strategic plan to position the MeritDirect brand as an Enterprise class solution. Clients such as SAP, Lenovo, RedHat, Citrix, IBM and other joined the MeritDirect roster and became valued participants in Frank’s development solution product planning; these valued partners regularly participate with Frank in sessions at industry events such as SiriusDecisions, Eloqua Experience and Aberdeen Revenue Forum.

Frank regularly hosts Executive Summit dinner events which have featured speakers from organizations such as SAP, Lattice Engines, Docusign, Blue Coat Systems, Juniper as well as a guest list featuring industry leaders from many of the country’s best companies.

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