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Mark Zilling

Executive Vice President, Manager

Mark has worked in B2B list brokerage and database marketing for the past 28 years. His career started at Direct Media in 1986 where he worked on the Citibank and Diners Club accounts, managing the circulation for hundreds of millions of credit card promotions annually.

In 1988 he refined his focus to the B2B sector and by 1990 had helped launch the first cooperative prospecting database in Canada, Direct Media’s Canadian DME. Throughout the 1990’s Mark guided the launch and/or management of private prospecting databases for Quill Corporation, G. Neil Companies and Myron as well as managing the circulation for large cooperative database mailers such as SkillPath Seminars.

Mark has been with MeritDirect since 2001, became an owner in 2004. Today, he manages the prospecting and database administration requirements on behalf of his long term clients as well as those added over the last decade including Northern Safety, Prudent Publishing and Microsoft’s Retail Group and Business Marketing Organization.

Mark has spoken at industry events such as the Annual Fall DMA, the NCDM and our own Business Mailers Coop. He is responsible for driving numerous new product initiatives at MeritDirect including our technology development and implementation for our Strategic Services Group and the Pinnacle Database.

As a Manager, Mark is also spearheading the integration of services and resources around MeritDirect’s recent acquisition of Dovetail, the Database Marketing Company.


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