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Paul Vannett - MeritDirect

Paul Vannett

Senior Vice President

Paul joined MeritDirect through the acquisition of Dovetail–The Marketing Database Company, now the Dovetail Division of MeritDirect. Paul, a co-founder of Dovetail, is a seasoned professional with over 25 years in the marketing database industry. The Dovetail Division focuses on integrating marketing data from siloed online and offline datasets within an organization to create a powerful 360º customer view in a single database. Marketers easily access their database using the Dovetail Application. The application allows users to analyze their multi-dimensional prospect and customer data to create and export insightful data-driven marketing campaigns.

Paul is recognized as an industry leader in marketing database development and design. He has built hundreds of marketing databases over the course of his career. Paul plays a vital role in the architecture and design of client databases by offering his expertise to clients and Dovetail employees alike—he ensures each marketing database Dovetail builds meets the needs of the client.

Paul began his database marketing career at National Demographics & Lifestyles (NDL). At NDL, Paul was responsible for maintaining over 100 marketing databases for various clients. In addition, he provided guidance and analytical services to many large clients, including Proctor & Gamble, Panasonic, Zenith Electronics, Sony, and Black & Decker.


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