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The MeritDirect Marketing Experience MDX19

Take a Sneak Peek at the Agenda!

Reserve your spot at The MeritDirect Marketing Experience on March 6-7, 2019 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX!

MDX19 is a unique industry event where marketers come together to share new ways of thinking, to build partnerships and cover new strategies to address key industry challenges for the omnichannel marketer.

We are pleased to announce in-demand speaker Ron Tite, Founder and CEO of Church + State and author of Everyone is an Artist (Or At Least They Should Be), as keynote.

Our line-up also includes Katie Martell, Marketing Consultant and author of the forthcoming book, Rabble Rousers, Samantha Stone, founder of The Marketing Advisory Network as well as marketing professionals from Adobe, TrustRadius and SolarWinds among others.

Click here to take a sneak peek at the AGENDA!  We will be adding more content so check back often!

Hear from some of the most provocative and influential speakers in the data, digital and analytics space.  Network with thought leaders and experts while enjoying MeritDirect’s legendary hospitality – You don’t want to miss this!

MDX is built FOR and AROUND marketers. If you are B2B, B2i, Tech or B2C brand marketer with an ecommerce presence, selling tangible goods and services (and not on Scott Brinker’s Martech Infographic, and does not exhibit at SiriusDecisions, MarTech, MktgProfs, etc.) then MDX  is for you and you are welcome to register for FREE* for this event on the button below.

*If you are a SUPPLIER or CONSULTANT that sells to the marketers listed above, please click here for sponsorship opportunities at MDX and contact Dee Blohm to reserve your spot.*

If after reviewing the above criteria you are uncertain where you qualify, please contact us at: Please note that we reserve the right to reject any registration at our discretion and at any time. The criteria set forth above is the minimum to qualify, non-qualified registrants will be notified via email. (We are looking forward to a great event – let’s not make it awkward!)


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