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Innovation in Data Driven B2B Marketing

ABM works no matter the size or sector of the target

Modern business is awash with data. How useful it becomes depends on the ability of
an organization to arrange, manage and deploy it. Innovation in Data Driven B2B Marketing,
written by the Global Marketing Alliance in partnership with MeritDirect, underscores the
importance of putting in place a data strategy that drives high quality lead management
and successful Account Based Marketing.

Read our best practice guide and case study to discover:

  • Data as a driver of business transformation
  • Dream big: data’s huge opportunities for marketers
  • How to proceed with best intent
  • BANT vs. ABM in a one-to-one data strategy
  • Tech-based data enablement is leading the way
  • Growth hack your business using data
  • Case study: Data-based ABM sparks electronics growth

Download our free guide today and discover how innovation in data-driven B2B marketing can deliver real growth! 

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