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MeritDirect Launches Powerful Business Buyer Database: Pinnacle ProspectPlus

(RYE BROOK, NY – Effective February 8, 2019) – MeritDirect the leading provider of global multichannel marketing services, today announced the launch of their “Pinnacle Prospect PlusSMdatabase. This data set is a powerful derivative of their successful B2B cooperative database product, Pinnacle.

Pinnacle ProspectPlusSM brings together over a billion business transactions per year with an average yearly spend of $8 billion dollars. This multi-sourced and multi-channel buying activity becomes a strong predictor of future purchase behavior and elevates this B2B contact data to a best in class status. Over 10 million business buying sites can be refined using Pinnacle’s proprietary Site Value Scoring System. RFM, Product, Business Demographic filters and modeling are also available for precise and intelligent targeting.

Pinnacle ProspectPlusSM uses smart data to identify high value business sites and then it identifies the high value producing names within those sites. The optimal business sites are found through Pinnacle’s proprietary Site Value Scoring System which uses product purchase history, strategically combined with hundreds of firmographic variables, to profile and target the top revenue producing sites. Then, at the contact level, the proprietary Multiple Prospect Scoring System identifies the high potential prospects within that particular site.

“Intelligent B2B marketers know that the key to successful new customer acquisition is driven by previous purchase history,” said Chris Blohm, Senior Vice President of Data, Digital and OmniChannel Solutions at MeritDirect. “Pinnacle ProspectPlusSM provides a powerful multi-channel database that focuses on the site view and meets the very different needs of the B2B marketer.”

To see if your offering is the right fit for Pinnacle ProspectPlusSM, please contact Ed Larkin or Chris Blohm.

About MeritDirect:

MeritDirect is the leading provider of global multi-channel solutions, offering integrated marketing through a wide array of data-driven products and services. Multi-channel marketers achieve and maximize superior return through MeritDirect’s Database Marketing Audience Targeting, Data, Digital and OmniChannel Solutions and Database Marketing Technology.


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