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IH Training Expands Data Management Portfolio with MeritDirect

(RYE BROOK, NY –Effective January 4, 2018) – IH Training, the leading provider of customized automation training, courseware authoring/deployment and training simulation solutions, has expanded its data management portfolio with MeritDirect to include IH Training Online.

The IH Training Online Database represents a robust audience of business professionals seeking to improve their skills personally as well as to guide their career paths via continuing education courses. The attendees of these courses are highly educated professionals either seeking to develop skills which advance their careers or develop skills necessary to launch a new career.

Visit IH Trainings’ suite of data assets or for more information please contact Mike Soltis at 914.368.1025.

The Data and Media Services division is the data monetization arm of MeritDirect, and focuses on generating the highest possible return on their clients’ data assets. Their industry-leading program combines a proven track record of business data expertise, aggressive and proactive sales methodologies, quality customer service, product development strategies, and leading-edge marketing tactics. The combination of their talent, resources, and platform enable MeritDirect to drive incremental value and fully recognize the earning potential of unique data assets.

About MeritDirect:

MeritDirect is the leading provider of global multi-channel solutions, offering integrated marketing through a wide array of products and services. Multi-channel marketers achieve and maximize superior return through MeritDirect’s Customer Acquisition and Retention, Data and Media Services, Marketing Databases, Strategic Services Group and International Services.


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