In Memoriam: Dr. Charles W. Stryker

Charles Stryker CEO, VDC

This week we learned of the passing of our friend Charlie Stryker of Venture Development Center (VDC). Charlie was an icon in the Data and Information Services Industry. VDC is an advisory services firm that assists its clients in identifying, defining, and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data which Charlie founded and ran. Charlie and his team have not only provided many business opportunities to MeritDirect, but have also been very generous in their contributions as thought leaders to our events across the country.

Charlie was a leader who made a complex industry seem to make a lot more sense. He helped put it all in perspective. I valued my discussions with him and always appreciated him giving me the benefit of his vast experience. A discussion with Charlie over drinks, dinner or at our conferences, was something I always looked forward to having. Charlie was sincere and a good friend to MeritDirect. Most of all, Charlie enjoyed life and loved what he did.

We can look back at some great clips to remember him by; from his Ted Talk and our Co-Op this past June.

Friends and colleagues have also remembered him as the great man that he was through some personal stories, well worth taking the time to read.

We will miss Charlie and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and to his VDC family, many of who have worked together and with Charlie for decades. 

Rest well, my friend.

Rob Sanchez
CEO, MeritDirect

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