MeritDirect and Mh2 Direct Announce Marketing Partnership

(RYE BROOK, NY –Effective September 1, 2017) – MeritDirect and Mh2 Direct have entered into a strategic partnership to monetize Mh2’s vast data assets.  The cornerstone of this engagement is PrecisionBase, a comprehensive, vertically compiled, consumer data source that reaches over 90% of U.S. households and individuals.  Mh2 has built over 70 audience segments that have been built based on the combination of demographic, transaction, behavior and ZIP+4 credit aggregated variables including key data elements like credit-worthiness, age, income, home ownership, donor activity, new mover status and more.

  • Mh2 PrecisionBase – 227+ Million Postal Contacts – 21+ Million Email – 20+ Million Phones

This multi-channel database allows marketers’ content to be distributed in a true omni-channel environment, allowing for maximum impact and exposure.

Outside of PrecisionBase, Mh2 offers custom modeling and analytical services that enable development of actionable marketing solutions with a focus on ROI and lifetime value. With advanced analytics applied to their vast pool of data, they can identify hyper-targeted prospects via best customer match, regression analysis and multi-step models.

Mh2 also brings intent data to the table, allowing marketers to reach consumers who are actively searching for and in-market for a specific product or service.

All of this data is available for full or partial installs, as well as appends of Mh2’s proprietary scores and data elements.

Merit Direct is a growing leader in our industry and in our 23rd year as a company we are eager to build a collaborative relationship and engage in integrated solutions and expanding opportunities.” says Chris DeMarco, President, Mh2 Direct.

We are very excited to be partnering with Mh2 on PrecisionBase. As we further expand into the consumer sector PrecisionBase will provide a strong multi-channel data platform for our clients and prospects.” Says Rob Sanchez, CEO, MeritDirect.

For information on Mh2 PrecisionBase and Consumer Modeling Services please contact Danielle Zaborski at 914.368.1090.

 About MeritDirect:

MeritDirect is the leading provider of global multi-channel solutions, offering integrated marketing through a wide array of products and services. Multi-channel marketers achieve and maximize superior return through MeritDirect’s Customer Acquisition and Retention, Data and Media Services, Marketing Databases, Strategic Services Group and International Services.


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