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MeritDirect and Office Furniture 2Go Announce Marketing Partnership

(RYE BROOK, NY –Effective August 9, 2017) – MeritDirect has been appointed as list manager of Office Furniture 2Go which offers a combination of various furniture products for both consumer and business needs.  Sold via the internet by Everything2Go, Office Furniture 2Go stands by its products with a lifetime guarantee.  Now available for the first time!

These internet buyers of furniture and office equipment have purchased on behalf of their organizations and are decision-makers for high ticket purchases. These buyers span various market sectors including large manufacturers, federal government, local government, professionals, as well as mainstream businesses across America.

These buyers are ideal candidates for many offer types including credit cards, seminars, business merchandise, ad specialty, computer hardware and software.

For more information please contact Mike Soltis at 914.368.1025.

About MeritDirect:

MeritDirect is the leading provider of global multi-channel solutions, offering integrated marketing through a wide array of products and services. Multi-channel marketers achieve and maximize superior return through MeritDirect’s Customer Acquisition and Retention, Data and Media Services, Marketing Databases, Strategic Services Group and International Services.


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