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  • Throw Back Thursday: Modern Marketing Tips on Tried and True Principles

    (August 15, 2019) Multi-channel marketing gets more confusing every day.  New channels, new segments, new buzz-wordy ways to describe things we’ve been doing for years…it can be tough to keep up.  Let’s use this Throwback Thursday as a chance to dust off some old school testing principles we all learned when the world was simpler…we think you’ll agree with us that the principles of direct marketing apply across all media—no matter how new and shiny the channel might be!

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  • 6 Tips to Crush Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign RIGHT NOW! (Webinar just added!)

    (July 11, 2019) Making a lasting and positive impression on your audience requires meeting them where they are, and in the format that they like to consume. That's where multi-channel marketing comes in. To do it well requires seamlessly bringing your content together in various formats across channels and creating a unified experience. We offer tips you can employ TODAY to either launch or jump-start your multi-channel marketing efforts.

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  • “Togetherness” and Other Vibes at The 2019 Sirius Decisions Summit

    (May 30, 2019) This years’ Sirius Decisions Summit in Austin, Texas carried the theme of “Togetherness” – highlighting the need for tight collaboration between sales and marketing.  And, for that matter, organizational buy- in and a comprehensive, single vision.  Powerful stuff...

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  • The Search for the Holy Grail

    (May 23, 2019) BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Making your marketing quest more profitable by reactivating inactive customers and targeting potential new contacts at inactive sites. With good tools and a well-thought-out strategy, it can be done.

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  • Your 2019 ABM Journey

    (January 16, 2019) What is on your marketing road map for 2019?  Is this the year your organization goes big on account-based marketing?  Here are three things to consider for your ABM planning and execution this year...

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  • Email Still Breaks Through White Space

    (January 15, 2019) So, this morning I read an article that describes using TV whitespace to deliver broadband internet access where folks simply cannot get it due to their location and/or cost concerns.  This amazing process made me think of email…weird, I know, but hey it’s what I do.

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  • Looking Ahead to 2019: Events Speak Louder than Words

    (December 17, 2018) Events should be a key part of your marketing spend as they showcase your business, your product offerings and your people. In today's buyer-empowered world, marketers need to seize every opportunity to build relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of prospective buyers and current customers. Read on for some tips in building your next event.

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  • Guest Blog: Product Expansion, Customer On-boarding, Regulation and other Highlights from MeritDirect’s Midwest Marketing Roundtable

    (October 30, 2018) Terrence Flynn, Founder and President of Market Chord Direct, always delivers a great day when he assists with our events. Earlier this month, Terry moderated our Midwest Marketing Roundtable in Milwaukee, WI as we covered the special challenges faced by the modern direct marketer as well as case studies and new trends in data and direct marketing for catalogers and B2B Marketers alike. Click for Terry’s recap.

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  • Preparing For Takeoff: Three Items from our Pre-Flight Checklist to Scale Paid Search Campaigns

    (October 30, 2018) If Paid Search is a fighter jet, and the Google Ads interface is our cockpit, there are several buttons that can have an outsize impact on the success of our mission. When we take over management of a new client’s Paid Search programs there are a few growth-inhibiting settings we immediately investigate...

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