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6 Tips to Crush Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to marketing Shangri-La where you and your team are always in the know about how and when to reach your customers and best prospects with the perfect offer and in a SINGLE channel….? Surely you are familiar with this utopia when your marketing and sales efforts are defined by channel, easily tracked and enhanced and your audience is always delighted…? Does this sound like you and your team? If so, stop reading now and call me today so I can get a piece of this single channel brilliance!

But, in reality…

In an ideal world, we would always know how and when to reach our interested community. We would have a single channel for interacting with them, converting them, and continuing to engage with and delight them. Unfortunately, if you only market in a single channel, you’re going to miss out on a large portion of your target audience. And even more, focusing on a single channel can even make for a poor prospect experience and prevent you from successfully nurturing your leads.

Making a lasting and positive impression on your audience requires meeting them where they are, and in the format that they like to consume. That’s where multi-channel marketing comes in. It gives you an intentional, interconnected approach to be where your customers and prospects will see you. But, being successful at multi-channel marketing requires more than just publishing content across your various marketing channels. To do it well requires seamlessly bringing your content together in various formats across channels and creating a unified experience.

Below are some tips that you can employ TODAY to either launch or jump-start your multi-channel marketing efforts and get you a little closer to marketing Shangri-La!

Open Your Toolbox. Your campaign is only as good as the technology that fuels it.  You need a powerful automation solution that uses data integration to identify and qualify real leads and customer readiness. Marketing automation allows you to define and refine the customer journey across channels, providing your team with the scalability that you need to be in multiple places at one time. Many marketers are not using their automation tool to its full potential, so get in there! Create triggers and other efficiencies to save you a ton of heavy lifting.

Define Your Channel Focus. Though it may be obvious, let’s call out some of the potential channels where your marketing can live: email, social, mobile, print, website, direct mail, broadcast and more. Social and mobile have contributed as disruptors in a big way over the past few years. However, email and direct mail are still going strong especially in the B2B sector. So how do we define the focus?  It’s important to look at your audience and get an idea of where they live… is your audience in the C-Suite and addicted to Twitter? Or more of a tactical audience that reviews decks in Slideshare? Identify the most strategic areas first and be prepared to experiment in other channels. It’s always a good idea to start small and then grow in the most successful channels.

Data is Your New BFF. Get in deep with your data! It is the currency, fuel and foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Take the time to reach out to your organization to curate data that is often siloed across departments.  They are often holding the key to more robust data attributes like SKUs, gender, web activity.  Get all that rich data into a centralized repository and start building customer personas and other valuable segmentation like verticals, customer value, most highly engaged prospects and most recent buyers.

Stay on Topic. Be relevant and valuable. Consider your audience segments and create copy that is relevant and timely so that every interaction, regardless of channel, is impactful. Keep in mind that your messaging should always be about your audience, their pain points and challenges.  Constant shouting about YOUR product is never appealing, feels spammy in any channel and puts a negative spin on your brand.

All Roads Lead To You.  One of the most important pieces of a multi-channel marketing campaign is creating an overall flow to nurture your leads and move them through their lifecycle stages with your brand. It’s critical to maintain a consistent look and feel as well as a cohesive experience on all devices. And all roads should lead to the same end goal: your landing page, your event page, your website.

Test, Test, Test.  Did we say test? Yes. A key to a successful multi-channel marketing campaign and real ROI is through testing. With so many ways to communicate with your target audience, they can’t all be the perfect fit. It’s a good idea to stay as nimble as possible and check in regularly on your analytics to see where the activity is coming from and react quickly to move budget, change channels or switch out creative. Be sure to watch your KPI’s for the right mix.  Read more on why multi-channel marketing requires testing and why you shouldn’t be afraid!

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Dee Blohm
VP, Marketing

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