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Big Data + CRM

  • GDPR…We Are Still Standing

    (June 6, 2018) I woke up on May 25th, I was alive, my laptop worked, my bank account hadn’t been cleared out and the birds were still singing. It reminded me of Y2K and the impending sense of disaster and uncertainty that surrounded that. I am not being flippant, ensuring and safeguarding privacy is a big deal and should be our individual right. However, some parties have been banging the doom drums, making scare-mongering an art-form and without doubt, creating a tidy income stream….

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  • It’s a GIRL!… and a Database!

    (April 12, 2017) Musings on the launch of a database and it's growth over several years as it adapts to market needs for technology and B2B marketers. The birth of OmniChannelBASE, MeritDirect's premier database product.

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  • Rent vs. Own: A strategy to improve on Long Term Value (LTV)

    (January 26, 2017) The classic question for real estate can help you dissect your recent customer acquisition performance – do you want to rent new customers or own the relationship with them? The decision may vary based on cost and return on prospecting, but consciously deciding and let you acquire better customers that will drive more long-term value.

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  • Data “Anomolistics”, The Election and Other Noise – How to Connect the Dots

    (November 14, 2016) Business today, more than ever, is driven by the intelligent use of data. For years we’ve been working with our clients to solve their marketing challenges by improving metrics and codifying analysis.

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  • MeritDirect is featured in the Oracle Data Cloud Blog

    (August 16, 2016) BONUS Blog Content: Ethan Simblist, Vice President of Digital Services is featured in the Oracle Data Cloud Blog on the topic of Vetting B2B Data Sources.

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  • What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

    (November 9, 2015) Multi-channel marketing is a response to the way consumers and businesses buy now: from everywhere--and with input from everywhere. Getting it right is crucial, so get expert help.

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  • How to Provide Multi Channel Marketing Solutions

    (June 18, 2015) from Danielle Zaborski, Vice President The marketing game has changed. The rules, the playing field and even the referees.

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  • The Intersection of Data and Music

    (May 20, 2015) Music is one of my biggest passions. I mean, it’s right up there with food and wine. Adjacent to data. The more I think about improvisational music and data, the more it makes sense. Data is absolutely booming and the bell of the ball right now, but making sense of it and marrying the data together in a cohesive, actionable manner is a lot like a musical jam.

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  • Avoiding Big Data Heartache – The Journey to Data Management

    (February 1, 2015) In todays’ marketing environment where technology breakthroughs happen almost daily, and the rise of the CMO is the talk of the town the game has changed for good. Companies are building complex marketing stacks in a rush to automation and optimization, and ROI is being tracked from a fledgling lead all the way through the sales cycle (or funnel to some) to closed business, revenue, and true ROI. But what makes it all tick? What is the fundamental fuel that makes this machine hum?

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