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  • Countdown to CCPA: A Movement for #PROPRIVACY

    (September 18, 2019) May 25th, 2018 ushered in 4 little letters into our business vernacular - GDPR. Now, in the US, we are on the cusp of the biggest Privacy shake up since the CAN-SPAM Act with the imminent arrival of CCPA...

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  • “Togetherness” and Other Vibes at The 2019 Sirius Decisions Summit

    (May 30, 2019) This years’ Sirius Decisions Summit in Austin, Texas carried the theme of “Togetherness” – highlighting the need for tight collaboration between sales and marketing.  And, for that matter, organizational buy- in and a comprehensive, single vision.  Powerful stuff...

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  • Your 2019 ABM Journey

    (January 16, 2019) What is on your marketing road map for 2019?  Is this the year your organization goes big on account-based marketing?  Here are three things to consider for your ABM planning and execution this year...

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  • Email Still Breaks Through White Space

    (January 15, 2019) So, this morning I read an article that describes using TV whitespace to deliver broadband internet access where folks simply cannot get it due to their location and/or cost concerns.  This amazing process made me think of email…weird, I know, but hey it’s what I do.

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  • Is Your Business at Risk? Four Tips for Creating a Better Customer Experience

    (May 2, 2018) LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner just revealed surprising new research about the state of job skills in the U.S.  The number one 1 "skill gap" in the US workforce, according to Weiner is communication skills. The list of demands for this skill set is a mile long, but why is it in such short supply? Why is there a gap? How is this effecting your customer experience? Your account retention and your new business growth?

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  • Chris Blohm, SVP at MeritDirect Featured in Forbes Blog Post a Second Time!

    March 6, 2018 from MeritDirect Chris Blohm, Senior Vice President of Data, Digital and OmniChannel Solutions is featured in the Forbes Communications Council Blog on the topic of Enlisting Data to Better Understand Your B2B Customers. Click here to read the blog.

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  • Even Scrooge Gained Perspective

    (December 5, 2017) As we approach the holiday season, it’s inevitable that at some point, we will all contend with an Ebeneezeresque attitude.  It’s the end of the year and the grind of finding someone, ANYONE with some marketing dollars left to spend, securing new customers, locking in contracts with vendors, and a multitude of other to-do items that have been stalking you all year is really harshing your holiday mellow.

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