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Database Marketing Audience Targeting

  • The Search for the Holy Grail

    (May 23, 2019) BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Making your marketing quest more profitable by reactivating inactive customers and targeting potential new contacts at inactive sites. With good tools and a well-thought-out strategy, it can be done.

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  • Guest Blog: Product Expansion, Customer On-boarding, Regulation and other Highlights from MeritDirect’s Midwest Marketing Roundtable

    (October 30, 2018) Terrence Flynn, Founder and President of Market Chord Direct, always delivers a great day when he assists with our events. Earlier this month, Terry moderated our Midwest Marketing Roundtable in Milwaukee, WI as we covered the special challenges faced by the modern direct marketer as well as case studies and new trends in data and direct marketing for catalogers and B2B Marketers alike. Click for Terry’s recap.

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  • 5 Essential Marketing Tactics That You Might Be Forgetting

    (May 16, 2018) If your day is like mine, you’re over-saturated with information. From hundreds of emails in your inbox to Facebook posts, to linked-in connection requests to Instagram activity, we’re always trying to keep up on the latest news and trends. Management is screaming for the next big, new idea to impact your bottom line. And meanwhile, meeting target acquisition and retention goals gets harder every quarter. Maybe it’s time for that long exhale…

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  • Rent vs. Own: A strategy to improve on Long Term Value (LTV)

    (January 26, 2017) The classic question for real estate can help you dissect your recent customer acquisition performance – do you want to rent new customers or own the relationship with them? The decision may vary based on cost and return on prospecting, but consciously deciding and let you acquire better customers that will drive more long-term value.

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  • Data “Anomolistics”, The Election and Other Noise – How to Connect the Dots

    (November 14, 2016) Business today, more than ever, is driven by the intelligent use of data. For years we’ve been working with our clients to solve their marketing challenges by improving metrics and codifying analysis.

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  • Data goes “Hollywood”…

    (June 30,2016) This "legendary" phrase of a casting director can send a chill down any actor's spine. But, did you know - the Hollywood casting couch has been replaced by... analytics?

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  • What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

    (November 9, 2015) Multi-channel marketing is a response to the way consumers and businesses buy now: from everywhere--and with input from everywhere. Getting it right is crucial, so get expert help.

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