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Email Still Breaks Through White Space

So, this morning I read an article that describes using TV whitespace (side note: to help reduce interference, television networks insert gaps — or unused white space — in between active channels in the UHF and VHF spectrum. Research shows that this TVWS is capable of simultaneously delivering broadband internet without interfering with the broadcast channels) to deliver broadband internet access where folks simply cannot get it due to their location and/or cost concerns.  This amazing process made me think of email…weird, I know, but hey it’s what I do.

Happy Birthday

The first email marketing campaign is celebrating it’s 40th birthday, yet email as a marketing channel still acts like a scrappy 25 year old. Email was created to simply send information from one computer to another, but as we all know email is now so much more.  Besides being able to speak to co-workers without having to pick up the phone, we have gained a myriad of other benefits:

1.     A personal channel to reach current customers and new prospects alike

2.     Communicate with multiple people at the same time

3.     Deploy content syndication and lead generation efforts

4.     Gain valuable insight into both customers and prospects with a survey

5.     For Branding

6.     For sending valuable discount and coupon codes

7.     For working in collaboration

8.     To be a multi-channel component in your marketing efforts

9.     To get a second, or third opinion

10.   For sending invitations

11.   Allowing you the opportunity to send attached files or links instantaneously

12.   Send a publication (e-newsletter)

13.   Get a contract signed

14.   To set appointments and calendar reminders

15.   Keep your communications organized by always keeping a valuable e-paper trail

And so many other amazing ways (please drop me a line with your favorite or another way you have found to use email that I missed here).

Let’s Take It Back

Even with all of those amazing uses, like white space on a TV, people still try to equate it to something scary (see the movie “Poltergeist”).  Spammers of the world have polluted this precious space and it’s time for the responsible email users of the world to unite and take it back.

In reality we use email as a communication channel more than anything else. As a matter of fact, email is still the most widely used at 3.8 billion unique users worldwide (still well above texting and social media). On the B2B side of things, 86% of professionals still prefer email for communication, and 58% of them also indicate that email is still the first thing they check when they get into the office.

Like this the new found use of whitespace in a tried and true medium like TV, let’s bring all of the wonders of email to light in 2019, even the ones that at first seem like they have nothing new to offer your current programs.  If you would like help doing just that (especially in the B2B space), please feel free to reach out to me at , amazingly enough I’ll reply back…even through the whitespace.


Anthony Carraturo
SVP, Data, Digital + Omni-Channel Solutions

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