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How to Drive a Meaningful, Stackable Micro-Dialogue

Today, our preferred target audience is being pulled in a million directions and inundated with content in every channel that nets to useless chatter. And let’s be honest, we all contribute to the noise. With that in mind, the modern marketer is challenged with being a better, more effective communicator.

We have to make it a best practice to reach people without interrupting them, or making huge demands on their time. At MeritDirect, we work with our partners to identify what real people want to talk about and how we can get them the valuable information they need to make informed decisions. Remember, the more useless, company driven information we send that doesn’t address a prospect’s interests, the harder it will be to convert as noise increases and tolerance drops.

However, as much as people want to block distractions, they are interested in hearing about things that interest them, provided it’s done well and with respect for their time. Enter the need for multiple, BI driven tools that understand a prospects interests, including timing related to intent to purchase, technology mapping to identify possible next logical product or identifying the content journey of “won” customers to optimize content development.

A big step in today’s ABM driven environment is developing a clear sense of who you are and what you’re about as a brand. But, it’s so disparate and people think they already know what you do, right?  HP does printers… IBM, big computers… but the marketer knows that there is much more to your story.

We like to ask our clients…

  • What conversations do you want to participate in, or lead? And, why?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Are you sure you want to be known for it? Can you prove why?
  • What major themes do you have in mind when you create content? Is it what YOU want to talk about? Or what your audience values?

If you have clarity around the big picture, it means the small pictures add up.

At MeritDirect, we feel there is an extraordinary opportunity to impact your market share in the SMB and MM space. We have developed solutions with that goal in mind.

MeritDirect’s OmniEngine is a tech-enabled, intelligent ABM demand platform. How can OmniENGINE help you??

  • Start with Content Insights – Using our robust BI library, we can uncover the unique attributes of your customer and what content has been consumed in their buying journey. By monitoring activity, we can create an engagement map for you to identify your best prospects and develop relative content streams.
  • Develop and Distribute Meaningful Microcontent – With today’s demands on your buyer, microcontent becomes a more important and practical form of communicating with customers and prospects. Reading large amounts of text on the mobile just isn’t practical. Consider 20 micro-stories that you can tell around a bigger issue and produce it in advance, in batches, which we drip feed though OmniENGINE. 

OmniENGINE is the answer for ABM, for Demand Gen, for disseminating relevant content to the right audience at the right time and optimizing your in-market prospects.

Our team will build a custom targeted private audience for you and manages communication across channels, provides relevant reporting and ultimately delivers fully engaged and email vetted contacts back to accelerate your opportunity development.

Enough noise. Let’s get started today.

Frank Willey
Sr. Vice President | Account Based Marketing + Demand Gen

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