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T-E-S-T: The Four Letter Word in Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing Test

Why multi-channel marketing requires testing and why you shouldn’t be afraid.

Remember when you were a kid and it was a school day where a test (or multiple tests for that matter) was imminent? You were stressed out and couldn’t wait until they were over and done with. Or, when you had a sore throat and went to the doctor and waited for test results so you could score those much-needed antibiotics? Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite, the Road Test… “Oh man, I just need to nail my parallel parking and I get a license…” Yup. Nothing terrifying about any of those.

In every shape and form, tests back then (and sometimes even now) were stressful.  Thus, the idea of a “test” might create some angst in your life.

The good news is that testing in the multi-channel marketing world is a whole new ballgame.

Yes, sometimes it’s still as painful as getting that tongue depressor shoved down your throat, but in the end you’ll feel so much better.

The Multi-Channel Marketing Case Study

Last month, I presented a case study with a client at the MeritDirect CO-OP about layering in multi-channel tactics in an already successful single channel program. The case study covered our findings related to adding digital advertising to an established and successful email program. Post-session, I was approached by several attendees with questions and comments about our strategy (maybe this was an oral test?).

The first question was, “If your client was already getting 102% ROI on their email campaigns, what would possess them to put additional monies into a parallel digital banner program, too?”  The answer is simple: my client loves numbers.  During our 5-year relationship, my client recognized that when we recommended testing new products, services or tactics, those tests had value.  The test results would speak for themselves and determined whether we continued in a certain direction, or simply turned back for now and live to fight another day. For this particular test, adding digital display to a successful email campaign drove ROI from 102% to 129%.

The second was simply a comment, ”I want my company to do what they did”.  This particular marketer was direct mail heavy, they were interested and intrigued by email but a previous solo test did not work for them and they were reluctant to test again.

When you fail a test, don’t you want an opportunity to re-study the material and try again? Instead of going back to the drawing board and figuring out what failed (subject line, offer, creative, time of delivery, not relevant, not personalizing the email, having a lengthy registration form, or a host of other issues) this marketer just called it quits. Is a zero acceptable in the marketing world? In a subject area where others are getting A’s? I say it’s time to make up all those tests where you didn’t do well: shoot for the A, but, hey, a B and even a C still gets you a diploma and you learn a little along the way.

Speaking of A’s, B’s and C’s, have you tried testing multiple offers to different segments of an audience?  That works too, but you probably already knew that. So, get out there and test, test and re-test and be sure to study before you do, it will really help the cause.

Don’t forget to review the case study for your homework, give me a shout of you want to study together.

Anthony Carraturo


Anthony Carraturo
SVP – Data, Digital + OmniChannel Solutions


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