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  • B2H: How B2B Marketers Can Tap Into Human Emotion

    (August 2, 2018) Why don’t more B2B marketers focus on mid to upper funnel marketing tactics like video, display, Programmatic or Advanced TV? With a plethora of business solutions in the marketplace, it would make sense to use short-form video to tell a story about reinventing a brand, explaining what problem the solutions or services solve, or tapping into human emotion.

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  • Turning Your Summer Slump into Next Season’s Success

    (July 17, 2018) Halfway through the year and full on into the proverbial summer slump, how have your marketing plans fared for 2018? Will you be making tweaks to your efforts, start from scratch or ride a fortuitous wave? If the outlook you had for 2018 back in January isn’t panning out quite the way you expected, now is the time to re-focus, re-evaluate and re-implement your marketing strategy.

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  • GDPR…We Are Still Standing

    (June 6, 2018) I woke up on May 25th, I was alive, my laptop worked, my bank account hadn’t been cleared out and the birds were still singing. It reminded me of Y2K and the impending sense of disaster and uncertainty that surrounded that. I am not being flippant, ensuring and safeguarding privacy is a big deal and should be our individual right. However, some parties have been banging the doom drums, making scare-mongering an art-form and without doubt, creating a tidy income stream….

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  • 5 Essential Marketing Tactics That You Might Be Forgetting

    (May 16, 2018) If your day is like mine, you’re over-saturated with information. From hundreds of emails in your inbox to Facebook posts, to linked-in connection requests to Instagram activity, we’re always trying to keep up on the latest news and trends. Management is screaming for the next big, new idea to impact your bottom line. And meanwhile, meeting target acquisition and retention goals gets harder every quarter. Maybe it’s time for that long exhale…

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  • Is Your Business at Risk? Four Tips for Creating a Better Customer Experience

    (May 2, 2018) LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner just revealed surprising new research about the state of job skills in the U.S.  The number one 1 "skill gap" in the US workforce, according to Weiner is communication skills. The list of demands for this skill set is a mile long, but why is it in such short supply? Why is there a gap? How is this effecting your customer experience? Your account retention and your new business growth?

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  • Building from the Ground Up: Lessons from My Monstrous CD Collection on Data Segmentation and Multi-Channel Optimization

    (March 13, 2018) If you were born in the 1980s (like me) you came of age at a time of disruption for the music industry.  In the 1990s record companies were slow to adapt to new options for streaming music online.  My earliest memories of this were with the music-sharing sites Napster and Kazaa.

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  • Chris Blohm, SVP at MeritDirect Featured in Forbes Blog Post a Second Time!

    March 6, 2018 from MeritDirect Chris Blohm, Senior Vice President of Data, Digital and OmniChannel Solutions is featured in the Forbes Communications Council Blog on the topic of Enlisting Data to Better Understand Your B2B Customers. Click here to read the blog.

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  • Search Behavior and Keywords that Matter: Understanding Supportive Keywords and the Role That They Play

    (February 13, 2018) Things change rapidly in the world of internet marketing, and the search behavior of our customers and prospects are no different.  They are always evolving.  Over the past year or two we have seen their expectations become clearer through subtle change search queries. Delivering on those expectations is the key to winning their business. Chris Roth, Marketing and Search Analyst, shares his thoughts.

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