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  • Remembering Don Libey

    (March 16, 2015) If you are lucky in life you will meet some Giants - folks who teach you, and people whom you wish to emulate. And you will meet some Characters, folks that give life color, laughter, and fun. Don Libey was both a giant and a character.

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  • Multi-Channel Attribution and the Customer Journey

    (March 8, 2015) Why do marketers build a big data digital analytics warehouse? To do attribution or customer journey optimization. Multi-Channel merchants (MCMs) have long understood a value relationship exists in multi-channel marketing.

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  • Avoiding Big Data Heartache – The Journey to Data Management

    (February 1, 2015) In todays’ marketing environment where technology breakthroughs happen almost daily, and the rise of the CMO is the talk of the town the game has changed for good. Companies are building complex marketing stacks in a rush to automation and optimization, and ROI is being tracked from a fledgling lead all the way through the sales cycle (or funnel to some) to closed business, revenue, and true ROI. But what makes it all tick? What is the fundamental fuel that makes this machine hum?

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  • Using Big Data for Market Segmentation

    (January 15, 2015) The potential ways to use Big Data for customer segmentation are only limited by the imagination of the direct marketer.

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  • The Dirty Little Secrets of Bad Data

    (October 28, 2014) Data changes every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day – right? No one understands this more than the modern data-driven marketer, anyone maintaining and running marketing automation platforms, or even those simply maintaining a holiday card list. Professionals change jobs, titles, locations, and some have the audacity to retire!

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  • B2B Analytics: 4 Tips to Make Your Data Work Harder

    (October 21, 2014) Once prospect data has been tracked and aggregated into a central repository, your records should be enhanced with three types of information, recommends Karla Blalock, COO of PointClear. Firmographic data—static and readily available—includes information like annual revenue, employee count, growth rate, industry code and decisionmaker title.

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