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“Togetherness” and Other Vibes at The 2019 Sirius Decisions Summit

This years’ Sirius Decisions Summit in Austin, Texas carried the theme of “Togetherness” – highlighting the need for tight collaboration between sales and marketing.  And, for that matter, organizational buy-in and a comprehensive, single vision.  Powerful stuff.  The vision of “togetherness” was prominent throughout the conference, both in content and in metaphors of fun images, such as wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Austin & music, and more.

The marketing landscape is very complex these days, with some marketing service providers (MSP) focusing on very specific challenges in the buyers’ journey or solving one particular problem.  While large companies like Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle, purchase pieces they are missing to offer more of a one-stop solution that tackles the full compliment of channel and solution coverage.

Sirius Decisions is where the best-of-the-best come to learn and expand their knowledge and skillsets to answer the call of modern marketing.   Themes on display included sustainable marketing, marketing and sales alignment, customer journey, personalization, and accountability.  Three solid days of case studies, content, discussion groups and fireside chats.  3,000 B2B and technology marketers packed into a city that smells like smoked meats and sounds like a country radio station.

Looking ahead, we know that the B2B marketing landscape is busy and getting busier.  Look no further than the MarTech landscape infographic for evidence, although consolidation seems to be at our doorstep.  We can probably all agree that the while the MSP list is formidable, the driving force on that evolution is technology – and we cannot stop that bus.  There is a need to answer it with our own driving force and that is alignment.  That is the variable that we can control.  Technology, alignment, shared vision and mission – #togetherness.

We get you Sirius – like ebony and ivory.

Chris Blohm - MeritDirect


Chris Blohm
Senior Vice President
Data, Digital + OmniChannel Solutions


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