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Our Solutions

Our multi-channel marketing solutions focus on specific products and services engineered to solve distinct challenges in the data, direct marketing, and analytics space. From helping customers understand and monetize data assets, attract and extract value from customers and prospects, decipher and respond to the KPI’s of their business or any hurdle along the way, MeritDirect walks with our clients on the road to higher profitability, lower costs, and deeper, more meaningful and actionable marketing insights.

Database Marketing Audience Targeting

It is our daily mission to help our clients acquire new customers. New customers are the life blood of an enterprise, they are why enterprises exist. Customers come in many forms and from many channels. Customer needs are different. The different needs can...

Data, Digital + Omni-Channel

The Data & Media Services division is the data monetization arm of MeritDirect, and focuses on generating the highest possible return on data assets. Data comes in many shapes and sizes these days, and our expertise lies in identifying the right market opportunities...

Database Marketing Technology

To be marketing database solution experts, we have to be marketing data integration specialists, data scientists and data craftsmen. Introducing Database Technology from MeritDirect. We provide you the most flexible way to unify fragmented customer data and make it accessible – in real time – to fuel more intelligent selections and deeper insights.

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