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The future of B2B is ABM

“ABM is a proven way for B2B marketers to align more strategically with sales and build personalized campaigns targeted toward specific accounts to drive revenue.” –

“ABM – it does produce results for both marketing and sales.  May not be this quarter, and it may take some work, but focusing marketing and sales effort on specific accounts does increase the return on those efforts, especially over time.” –

Account Based Marketing. ABM. It’s all you hear about in the B2B and technology marketing space and rightfully so.  It’s the approach every marketer needs to consider: engaging your high value prospects earlier in the sales process with a much more personalized approach.

To complement and optimize an ABM program, highly successful sales and marketing teams also implement a demand management strategy.  Proper demand management via organized nurture and lead assignment for the right opportunities is key to a healthy pipeline of sales qualified leads at a pace that consistently meets organizational needs.

MeritDirect brings you the technology enabled TOOLS, the robust DATA and the enterprise EXPERIENCE to launch, optimize or reset your ABM strategy.

Guide to Account Based Marketing

Let us help you align the most appropriate accounts based on their active, in-market need for your product or service. Then, let’s refine that audience to only the best decision-making personas with the most relevant content. Then, let’s expand that reach across multiple channels and let your message resonate with those targeted accounts. Then, let’s optimize and do it again.

Today’s ABM strategy is a dynamic one! Scraping it together across multiple solutions will only slow you down.

Tap into the power of OmniENGINE: One platform to identify, expand, engage and advocate.

  • "In my opinion Merit Direct is well ahead of the pack in all categories. Certainly their business acumen is at the highest level and they truly operate in a self-actualized mode. They are constantly on top of changes in the business, new media, new ways or approaches new strategies new tactics. They really stay on top of what’s going in business and what's going on in the marketing world in general.”
    - Ron Sichler President, RLS Media Greenwich, CT
    Ron Sichler - MeritDirect Marketing Staff
  • “MeritDirect is a strategic partner of ours and in my opinion, professionally and personally, is the thought leader on business to business, data use and marketing in United States today. Their success is driven by the culture, the experience of senior leadership in the company have and the commitment to quality, accuracy and excellence in both product quality and service quality.”
    - Peg Kuman Vice Chairman, Relevate Springfield, VA
    Relevate - MeritDirect Marketing Solutions

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