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A multi-stream prospect acquisition to maximize targeted reach and accelerate database growth. OmniENGINE ensures that only accurate, engaged contacts enter your CRM or MAP.

“Almost 85 percent of marketers who measure ROI describe ABM as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach.” –

Today’s ABM strategy is a dynamic one! Scraping it together across multiple solutions will only slow you down. Tap into the power of OmniENGINE to fuel your ABM initiative: One platform to identify, expand, engage and advocate.

  • "Q11 Associates has been in the B2B direct marketing space for several decades. It’s rare to find a partner organization staffed with genuinely good people who are also highly competent, and produce great results. That describes our good friends at Merit Direct.”
    - Byron Crowell, Director of Operations, Q11 - Solution Publishing
  • “MeritDirect is a strategic partner of ours and in my opinion, professionally and personally, is the thought leader on business to business, data use and marketing in United States today. Their success is driven by the culture, the experience of senior leadership in the company have and the commitment to quality, accuracy and excellence in both product quality and service quality.”
    - Peg Kuman, Vice Chairman, Farm Market iD

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