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Predictive Modeling

Response and Best customer profile models have been used in new customer acquisition campaigns for the past few decades. The basic concept is to identify and preferred action and then to model the target cohort against the actionable universe to identify predictive attributes, their relative value weighting and the algorithm that best predicts the desired action.

This approach can be extended to almost any desirable action. At MeritDirect, we have developed and continue to grow our suite of models that achieve many desirable marketing outcomes. A few examples are shown below.

Alpha Model – Identifies which new customer sites are likely to generate the highest return over the first 12 months versus those that are likely to generate little or no additional revenue. This model can be used to identify which new customer sites should be called for accelerated migration towards managed account status, those sites that deserve best customer cadence before they show the additional revenue and which sites should slip out of the 12 month RFM segmentation quicker than simple RFM technique recommends.

Next Logical Product – Usually targeted at the family or category level, identifies the product most likely to be purchased by every customer site over the next X months, based on prior history. This model is used to identify the offering a site should receive either in the form of a solo, an email or an upsell by customer service. This model can also be used to tailor Targeted Display offers online.

Best Customer or Managed Account Models– Much like the Alpha model, this model predicts which existing customers have the best potential to become managed account customers, achieving the highest value relationship. By identifying these high potential customers before they self-determine through high revenue, marketers can provide the extra care necessary to nurture these sites into best customers and keep them away from the competition.

  • “MeritDirect is Lenovo’s strategic BtoB data partner. We leverage their OmniENGINE solution to drive demand generation, ABM nurture, and intelligent database growth. MeritDirect’s unparalleled quality, reach, intelligence, and performance make it an easy decision to justify on paper. Best in class service and collaboration is like a pound of bacon all to yourself.”
    - Mike Ballard, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing - Lenovo

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