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Reporting Systems

On February 9, 2016, MeritDirect Announces the Acquisition of FCI – Furgiuele & Company, Inc.

MeritDirect is proud to supplement our Consulting + Analytics team with the reporting and analytic services of the organization formerly known Furgiuele & Company, Inc.

Systems, Consulting + Reporting

This team is dedicated to making marketing data actionable since 1984, and has been helping clients analyze data, generate information, and create knowledge to drive their marketing efforts forward, through consulting services and custom designed software solutions. Working throughout Direct Marketing, FCI has developed a suite of software solutions designed to make data manipulation more accurate, the process more efficient, the staff more productive, and management more informed.

The team focuses on Consultation + Reporting ‐ on all media used to solicit new business and in retention marketing. Services include a variety of specific assignments: writing marketing plans; preparing RFPs, and managing the evaluation process; executing media planning; buying and tracking materials purchasing. Our approach incorporates the codification of a process and a methodology that ensures data integrity, analytical rigor, extensible capabilities, and back‐up support.

Many marketing companies have developed systems as needed as new marketing channels have evolved.  Often these systems do not aggregate efficiently into accurate and timely corporate reporting, requiring substantial manpower each week or month to aggregate and QC.

KPI + Executive Dashboards

A simple but also valuable byproduct of an analytics relationship with MeritDirect is that all relevant data is aggregated and centralized in a marketing database.  This environment enables creation of efficient reporting bundles that are refreshed at a frequency relevant to your business requirements.


  • “Data is sensitive, and mistakes interpreting data can be costly. When it comes to data, you want to work with a company that you trust. For us, MeritDirect is that company. They not only have the history, but they have the team.”
    - Geoffrey Forman Marketing Analyst, Edmund Optics Barrington, NJ
    Geoffrey Forman - MeritDirect
    Edmund Optics Worldwide - MeritDirect Solutions
  • "In my opinion Merit Direct is well ahead of the pack in all categories. Certainly their business acumen is at the highest level and they truly operate in a self-actualized mode. They are constantly on top of changes in the business, new media, new ways or approaches new strategies new tactics. They really stay on top of what’s going in business and what's going on in the marketing world in general.”
    - Ron Sichler President, RLS Media Greenwich, CT
    Ron Sichler - MeritDirect Marketing Staff
  • “I find MeritDirect to be a true partner in our business. I like to define vendors as people who want to make money from you versus partners who want you to grow your business. And MeritDirect is tremendous at helping us grow our own business, coming up with innovative concepts to help us leverage our data assets and improve on our current practices.

    I would like to thank Rob Sanchez and the whole staff at MeritDirect for showing us that there’s higher ground to conduct our business and to prove that it’s not just a concept, that it is truly proven under true partnership and to thank you for being involved with our business in this level.”

    - Sylvia M. Sierra
    Vice President, Customer Acquisition + Retention,
    Access Intelligence LLC
    Rockville, MD
  • “MeritDirect is a strategic partner of ours and in my opinion, professionally and personally, is the thought leader on business to business, data use and marketing in United States today. Their success is driven by the culture, the experience of senior leadership in the company have and the commitment to quality, accuracy and excellence in both product quality and service quality.”
    - Peg Kuman Vice Chairman, Relevate Springfield, VA
    Relevate - MeritDirect Marketing Solutions

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