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Data, Digital + OmniChannel

We know big data and we know B2B. We breathe B2B. But it’s what we do with it that is impressive.

Whether you are looking to generate more qualified leads, optimize existing contact data, or execute a linked multi-channel campaign, we align our B2B marketing solutions with your primary business goals.
Learn more about MeritDirect data driven solutions.

Data Monetization

MeritDirect has the marketing experts and platform to deliver real return on your data asset. Between our proprietary corporate databases and our direct channel to marketing agencies and top marketers, our ability to drive bottom line ROI for our clients is unmatched.

ABM + Demand Management

Take your ABM strategy to the next level by investing in new technology to automate and scale your ABM efforts. To complement and optimize an ABM program, highly successful sales and marketing teams also implement a demand management strategy. MeritDirect brings you the technology enabled TOOLS, the robust DATA and the enterprise EXPERIENCE to launch, optimize or reset your ABM strategy.


MeritDirect has created a division focusing on the specific challenges and needs of the global marketer. By replicating our North American strategy and combining with experts in the international space, we offer a safe haven to tackle your multi-national outreach.

Data Optimization + Append

Enhancing your database identifies clear segments of customers so you can tailor your messaging based on firmographic attributes as well as response and reactivation scores to make the data instantly actionable. Appending incomplete contact info with titles, functions and email allows for personalized multi-channel messaging.


The perfect complement to round out your ABM efforts: reach your B2B audience online and across devices with digital solutions from MeritDirect. Our unparalleled premium B2B audience targeting identifies and engages business audiences to accelerate the buyer’s journey. This allows marketers to target the right audiences across channels, creating personalized buying experiences. Get ready to deliver integrated ABM programs across the entire funnel.


We are not your typical Search Agency. We know that PPC is just one more channel to help pull your customers through their decision process to choose you. MeritDirect’s SEM Solution is powered by our BI + Analytics group to keep the performance of your entire business at the center of search strategies. Bringing together this macro perspective with unrivaled tactical expertise serves your business, and your bottom line, across all channels.

  • “MeritDirect is Lenovo’s strategic BtoB data partner. We leverage their OmniENGINE solution to drive demand generation, ABM nurture, and intelligent database growth. MeritDirect’s unparalleled quality, reach, intelligence, and performance make it an easy decision to justify on paper. Best in class service and collaboration is like a pound of bacon all to yourself.”
    - Mike Ballard, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing - Lenovo

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