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Data, Digital + Omni-Channel Solutions

Data Management + Monetization Solutions

The Data, Digital + Omni-Channel Solutions division is the data monetization arm of MeritDirect, and focuses on generating the highest possible return on your data assets. Data comes in many shapes and sizes these days, and our expertise lies in identifying the right market opportunities and segmentation to deliver the maximum revenue possible.

Our industry-leading program combines our proven track record and expertise of our people, aggressive and proactive sales methodologies, quality customer service, product development strategies, and leading edge marketing strategies.

Whether a consumer, business, or an institutional focused list; postal, email, or even digitally sourced data; MeritDirect has the marketing experts and platform to deliver real return on your data asset. Between our proprietary corporate data products like OmniChannelBASE™ and MeritBase™, and our direct channel to marketing agencies and top marketers and advertisers our ability to drive bottom line ROI for our clients is unmatched.

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Database Solutions

Working hand-in-hand with our data monetization solution is our cutting edge database development and delivery solution. Before revenue opportunity can be fully realized the data needs to be set up properly, including enhancement, hygiene, and delivery solutions. Our multi-tiered processing and advanced hygiene technology stack ensures accurate data being delivered safely and securely to mail houses, into marketing automation platforms, and directly into inboxes for email efforts.

In many cases after our clients have experienced our platform and delivery capabilities, we become the database of record and delivery mechanism for their businesses. This offers an outsourced, cost-effective, and completely secure environment for data-driven businesses. In addition, via our DataMD product we also offer data enhancement and hygiene services that add value and complete data sets.

  • “When it comes to data services and list management, MeritDirect proves time and time again to be a reliable partner. We know we can trust their data quality, as we’ve seen positive results for many years across a number of agency clients.”
    - Brandon Friesen President, Just Media, Inc. Emoryville, CA
    JustMedia - MeritDirect
  • “MeritDirect is a strategic partner of ours and in my opinion, professionally and personally, is the thought leader on business to business, data use and marketing in United States today. Their success is driven by the culture, the experience of senior leadership in the company have and the commitment to quality, accuracy and excellence in both product quality and service quality.”
    - Peg Kuman, Vice Chairman, Farm Market iD
  • “Trust and communication are non-negotiables when it comes to partner relationships. Thankfully, Merit Direct excels in both areas, having worked with us from day one on laying a foundation of proactive consultation, strategic collaboration, and, ultimately, mutual success. ”
    - Stuart BonnerSr. Director, Marketing Operations & Client Services - Access Intelligence, LLC
  • "MeritDirect has immersed themselves into my business in a way that I didn’t anticipate when we first started working together and now I fully rely on their services. The team is a wonderful combination of keeping the day to day running with accuracy and efficiency while also helping to drive strategic initiatives to move our program forward in new ways that we hadn't considered."
    - Shawna Dahlin, Director, CRM & Engagement - Microsoft
  • “For over fifteen years, MeritDirect has been a great partner in helping us and our clients effectively monetize data through data management and maximizing revenue from database environments. The experienced team at MeritDirect is fantastic at identifying and acting on new business opportunities in the fast-changing world of database marketing. MeriDirect has really been a game-changer for our company”
    -Larry Bennett, CEO/Founder - listsOnline
  • "Q11 Associates has been in the B2B direct marketing space for several decades. It’s rare to find a partner organization staffed with genuinely good people who are also highly competent, and produce great results. That describes our good friends at Merit Direct.”
    - Byron Crowell, Director of Operations, Q11 - Solution Publishing
  • "With MeritDirect's CPL program, we have increased our ROAS, and provided a greater amount of MQL's to our Sale Org; including higher quality "business conversations' and more key decision makers and influencers in the pipeline."   -Will Vasquez, Demand Creation Marketing Manager - LogMeIn GetGo (formerly Citrix)
  • "Having worked with MeritDirect for a number of years one thing remains constant, their professionalism. It’s refreshing to work with a company that’s forward thinking and proactive. Merit is always open to suggestions on any project we present and work on together." -Ellen Smyth, CEO - International Awards Group
  • “I love working with the BI + Analytics team at MeritDirect– from routine analytics to modeling to strategy development, they consistently provide keen insights and actions that keep our business on a growth trajectory. They are critical to helping Edmund Optics stay ahead of the competition.”
    - Marissa Edmund, EVP Marketing and Sales - Edmund Optics
  • "Merit’s BI & Analytics Team works with us hand in hand to analyze current performance and to bring innovative suggestions across many marketing channels to move our business forward into the future. Merit helps push us out of our vitally important day to day marketing actions, and into future strategic thinking and planning that will take our company to the next level." -Michele DiStasio, Director of Circulation - S&S Worldwide

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