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MeritBase™ is the industry’s premier B2B list-specific cooperative database. For acquisition efforts, over 1,800 lists are available to our mailers, all on a list-specific basis. Mailers pay only for what they mail and readily deploy selections (firmographics, models, etc.) not available from the list owners to improve results by eliminating low-potential prospects.

For retention efforts, many mailers include their own customer files to leverage MeritBase™’s superior hygiene and deliverability, leverage an improved view of customer value after duplication, harness external data to better gauge the potential value of a customer, and use our state-of-the-art campaign management and query toolsets for fast, effective campaigns and data-mining.


  • Mailers pay only for what they mail (net-net)
  • Results are improved by selections not available from list owners including: Custom Regression Models
  • Firmographic data such as SIC and Employee Size
  • Prospect Universe is enlarged by turning marginal lists into continuations as well as cross-base selects, waste is decreased based on state-of-the-art duplicate identification & address correction
  • Target quantities are always met without costly overage or underage
  • Combined with MeritMatch and Mercury, continuous improvement is made based on latest results
  • Updates monthly
  • Facilitates customer marketing as well as prospecting, re-summarized customer data after internal duplication
  • MeritDirect’s Reactivation Model available on all inactives
  • External data facilitates customized contact management based on potential value

  • "MeritDirect is a pleasure to work with and make it easy for us to monetize our database. They respond quickly to requests, are thorough in their due diligence and proper usage of our data, and are always on top of any project we have underway."
    - Rod StoddardPresident, Martindale-Hubbell New Providence, NJ
    Rod Stoddard - MeritDirect Solutions
    Martindale Hubbell Logo - MeritDirect
  • "In my opinion Merit Direct is well ahead of the pack in all categories. Certainly their business acumen is at the highest level and they truly operate in a self-actualized mode. They are constantly on top of changes in the business, new media, new ways or approaches new strategies new tactics. They really stay on top of what’s going in business and what's going on in the marketing world in general.”
    - Ron Sichler President, RLS Media Greenwich, CT
    Ron Sichler - MeritDirect Marketing Staff
  • “MeritDirect is a strategic partner of ours and in my opinion, professionally and personally, is the thought leader on business to business, data use and marketing in United States today. Their success is driven by the culture, the experience of senior leadership in the company have and the commitment to quality, accuracy and excellence in both product quality and service quality.”
    - Peg Kuman Vice Chairman, Relevate Springfield, VA
    Relevate - MeritDirect Marketing Solutions

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