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This Privacy Policy describes how MeritDirect gathers and uses data to market its products and services and to fulfil our customer’s business needs. It is applicable for postal, email, telephone and online channels including visitors to the MeritDirect website. The Policy does not cover or apply to the practices of any third parties.

MeritDirect provides marketing services and products to our customers to enable them to engage with their chosen audience of individuals and/or businesses. We receive third party information from other, reputable companies which may include your name, your postal address, email address and or telephone
number or supplemental information obtained including demographic and Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”.)

MeritDirect does not collect or use sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or banking information.

We strive to work only with third party companies that have demonstrably high standards and a regard for privacy, consistent with MeritDirect’s own standards. We are committed to protecting your privacy rights and take this issue seriously. We have internal policies to uphold the security of the data in our possession whilst meeting the legitimate needs of our customers.


We provide a range of data driven marketing products and services including offering insight and analytical services as well as marketing customized databases that may contain PII. This data can be provided by our customers and partners in the form of name, address, job title, telephone, email and information about what you may have purchased or be responsible for purchasing. Transactional data with credit card or banking details is not received or processed by MeritDirect.

MeritDirect may engage in digital advertising programs, by utilizing our marketing databases to deliver online targeted advertising for marketers using third party online networks. We work hard to ensure that we deliver the appropriate audience for our clients whilst upholding and respecting the right to privacy and the right not to participate in these programs. Our advertising partners may deploy cookies, web beacons or similar technologies through websites or email messages sent by MeritDirect or their own online channels and partners. The technology facilitates relevant advertisements to appear as you browse the web, based on your actual, recent website browsing and email activity or known interests derived from your browsing history.


If you would like to opt out of digital advertising programs that we engage in, through third party platforms and networks (as well as those platforms and networks more generally), you may go to the following industry sources and “opt out” channels, which provide opt-out resources to which many third party platforms subscribe:

You may opt out of MeritDirect’s corporate communications, used to promote our events and products and services at any time by using the unsubscribe mechanism within the email you receive, or you can use the opt-out contact info below.

To opt out of any of our database products and services utilized by our clients for legitimate business purposes, please click the unsubscribe button in any email you receive from us. Alternatively, contact us by mail or email using the address details below and request that you would like to be opted-out of all third party communications.


MeritDirect has procedures and technologies in place to safeguard our data assets which may contain your personal information. Access to data is only by authorized employees for legitimate business purposes. We use reasonable measures to ensure that partners with whom we work also have sufficient security processes are in place to ensure secure transfer.


MeritDirect may collect and store the information you voluntarily provide to us by visiting our website – For instance, you may provide information to us through registration to events or by completing a form to request information, which may ask for personal information, such as your name, the company you work for, business title, postal address, email address, telephone number, and other information. Also, please note that if we obtain personally identifiable information about you, we may contact you, unless you have requested that we add your details to our “do-not-contact” database. You can also opt out of receiving any further information by notifying us at the address below or writing to

MeritDirect may also automatically collect and aggregate other non-personal information from your visit to by the use of cookies. “Cookies” are text files a web site uses to track visitor activity, repeat visits, pages viewed, to the end of improving our visitors’ online experience and modifying content and targeting advertising based on online behavior. You can disable or deny the use of cookies and the subsequent gathering of information by adjusting your browser settings. The information collected by our technology platforms may include the type of web browser or operating system used, the IP address and we may also retain information about the pages or content viewed on our website. Any information gathered when visiting our website could be used by us to process inquiries that you initiated, to promote our own products and services to you, to notify you of events and or new product information and may also be disclosed to our clients for their business purposes.


We take your privacy seriously. To opt out of any of the communication methods covered in this privacy policy, or if have any questions about our privacy policy, please email or write to us at the below address.

Attn: Privacy Manager
2 International Drive
Suite 300,
Rye Brook,
New York
NY 10573


MeritDirect may be required to disclose consumer information by a government enforcement authority or Court Order. In the event of a sale or merger, MeritDirect LLC may transfer data to the new owners or subsidiaries as required by the acquiring entity. In such event, the transfer of information would still remain subject to our privacy policy.


We may periodically update our privacy policy. Updates will be posted to our website, so please check back for any changes

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